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Think Like a Machine originated as a research project and has since evolved into a company. Our primary objective is to democratize computational thinking and design thinking, recognizing them as essential skills for the modern era.


Central to our approach is a user-friendly visual language that transforms intricate concepts into a practical design tool. We aim to empower individuals and organizations to design more efficiently and transparently. Through our tool and workflow, designers and leaders can align stakeholders swiftly and accurately, and help them make better decisions with less friction.

We are committed to sharing our process and findings with the wider community. We have already begun presenting at universities and community events, and we are eager to continue doing so. If you oversee a design community, podcast, or any organization with a design focus, consider inviting us to share our insights. We believe our discoveries can elevate design practices and enable individuals to achieve a new level of proficiency.

Hi 🙂, I'm Alejandro Marin, founder of Think Like a Machine. Whether you've come here to explore potential partnerships or job opportunities, it's because I bring industry-specific expertise and significant leverage to assist in your niche.

As a fellow business owner, I understand the intricate dynamics every company faces. Balancing art and science is key to fostering and sustaining a successful organization. You can count on my commitment to cultural fit, teamwork, trust-building, responsibility, quality delivery, and timeliness. I adhere to high professional standards, ensuring unwavering passion and dedication toward achieving your goals.

Design is my passion. It's not just a profession—it's a way of life, a mission. Beyond being a designer and a manager, I'm also a design researcher and a communicator. I firmly believe that designers should grasp business principles just as much as business professionals should understand design. This belief drives my work at Think Like a Machine and fuels my personal quest for growth through new challenges and projects.

There's much more to say, but I prefer to let my experience and work speak for themselves. Take a glance at my resume to see 20 years of commitment to design craft and leadership. If you're interested in my work, check out my designer portfolio and management playbook. And if it resonates with you, connect and say hi on LinkedIn!

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